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A New Way to Enjoy
Jogging With a Virtual Run

With Garmin's range of running smartwatches,
you can invite friends to run together online!

*Supported products (Forerunner 945、745、245、fēnix 6、MARQ)

The first watch in the world that supports Zwift Run.

Garmin has taken the feedback of runners seriously - they would like to run without restrictions and have fun during daily training.Our wearables are the first in the world that supports ZWIFT Run. If you're using a Forerunner 945, Forerunner 245, fēnix 6 or MARQ, you'll be able to connect directly to your ZWIFT account and sync your heart rate and cadence. Packed with a variety of workouts and running features from Garmin, running indoors can be tons of fun too!

Launch the Virtual Run feature to upgrade the fun

Start your virtual road run, it's that easy.

Press "Start" to start your activity and select Virtual Run from the list, then connect to Zwift or another third-party virtual running platform and immerse yourself in the virtual environment. Exercise with runners from all over the world in the convenience of your home or gym!

Running - how to train effectively.

Control your pace

In most cases, the glycogen in the body will gradually deplete after running for 20~40 minutes. Only then, will other type of stored energy — fat — will be burned at a higher rate.If you run too fast in too short a time, your body will easily tire out due to the lack of energy and the accumulation of lactic acid, resulting in shorter exercise time and thus reducing the effects of burning fat.A suitable pace can prolong your exercising time effectively and enhance aerobic capacity, stimulating the body to burn more of the stored fat.

Control your heart rate

Since the human body consumes energy at a fixed ratio, and carbohydrates are the most efficient source of energy besides fat and protein, with the highest conversion rate. This type of energy has a high conversion rate. The heart rate soars when the body works intensely and the body will increase carbohydrate consumption to meet the physiological needs. The fat consumption ratio will gradually optimize when the heart rate is at 60~70% of the maximum heart rate, and the body system will get used to burning fat to acquire energy.

Get sufficient rest

The body needs time to rest and recover after each run. The "Estimated Recovery Time" on a Garmin wearable device is a useful feature. Firstbeat performs comprehensive evaluation using a unique physiological model and personal data to remind you how much time your body requires for a full recovery after each training session before you can continue with your high-intensity training or compete in a race.

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