Instinct Evangelion

Instinct GPS Smartwatch - Evangelion edition

[ introduction ]

Built with the classic color scheme of "Evangelion". The watch faces are all added with an EVA-exclusive beehive insignia to pay homage to the classic element in the animation.
Inheriting the rigidity of the Instinct series, Instinct Evangelion GPS watches are also built to the U.S. military standard 810, tested for a range of environmental conditions, inlcuding operational altitude, falling impact, freezing, unfreezing and corrosion. Also include storm warning and TRACBACK feature. Wear Instinct Evangelion and trust the absolute intuition that you were born with. Adventure freely into the unknown and awaken the unlimited instinct in your veins.

Wear Instinct Evangelion Edition Unit-01, adventure freely into the unknown and awaken the unlimited instinct in your veins.

Instinct EVA Unit-01

Instinct GPS Watch – Evangelion Edition Unit-01 uses purple - the color of Unit-01 - as the main color for its strap and the carved words on the bezel. Green is used for the buttons. The design of every detail was inspired by EVA-01, the most cyborg-looking model.

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Wear Instinct Evangelion Edition Unit-02, awaken the proud self that hits all challenges

Instinct EVA Unit-02

Instinct GPS Watch – Evangelion Edition Unit-02 uses fiery red - one of the colors of Unit-02 - as the main color for its strap and the bezel. Sunburst yellow is used for the buttons.

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With the Instinct Evangelion Edition NERV, you can make all kinds of impossible possible

Instinct NERV

Instinct GPS Watch– Evangelion Edition NERV uses tundra white - the background color of the uniform of NERV, the special agency under direct supervision of the UN - as the main color for its strap and the bezel. Fiery red, featured in NERV's logo, is used for the buttons. The design of every detail was inspired by NERV, the special agency that creates Evangelions.

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EVA Limited Edition Classic Gift Box

Laminated with holographic film, the gift box dazzles with elegance under the light. A hand-drawn line draft of Unit-01, Unit-02, YAGR-N101, the NERV Commander VTOL aircraft, represents the spirit of NERV. The featured film's shining red key visual also adds to its collectible value.


[ MIL-STD-810G ]

In tests for high-altitude performance using MIL-STD-810G’s Method 500.6 (Procedure I and II), the Instinct was operational at altitudes as high as 12,000 feet, and can be stored at altitudes of 40,000 feet (international flight cruising altitude). Following Procedure IV of Method 516.7 (Pendulum Impact), the Instinct remained undamaged after multi-directional shock testing from a drop distance of 122cm. Under Method 524.1’s protocols for testing freeze-thaw (Procedures II and III) at temperature changes of less than 3°C per minute, the Instinct withstood multiple simulated high-altitude freezing-point cycles as well as freezing from room temperature, all without impaired functioning.

Additionally, the Instinct was able to pass corrosion testing under Method 509.6: spraying it with salt-fog for 24 hours and then drying for an additional 24 hours produced no corrosion, guaranteeing that the Instinct retains its durability in salt-rich maritime environments.


What is Heartrate and Running kinematics?

When you wear the Garmin optical heart rate wrist watch to start an activity, the optical heart rate sensor will continuously monitor the heart rate condition for the specified activity period and constantly provide feedback. Running kinematics is to apply the knowledge in each science field to sports and consequently to upgrade the self-exercise performance. *Compatibility: Instinct series products with wrist-based heart rate

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Garmin Connect

When synced, Instinct watches automatically upload to Garmin Connect, our online fitness community where you can log workouts, track data and share your triumphs through social media. Available on your desktop or compatible mobile devices.

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