Premium Active GPS Smartwatch


    Combining for the first time a high-definition AMOLED touchscreen with Garmin's top-grade outdoor specifications. Setting the spirit of adventure to a new urban rhythm.


    A complete premium active GPS Smartwatch.
    Ready to go wherever you can imagine.


    1. 1.3" high-definition
      AMOLED display

    2. Sapphire crystal lens
      45mm titanium alloy bezel

    3. Touch and Button
      Switch easily

    4. 24hr health and fitness reports

    5. 21 day battery life for stress-free long-term use


    Unleash your spirit of adventure while keeping style in check with the epix. Designed with a 1.3" high-definition AMOLED display with Sapphire crystal lens and a titanium bezel and tested to US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G, you are ready to for any environment from the office, to the gym, club or the great outdoors.

    Flexible Operation To Suit Any Situation

    Switch easily between dual touch and button modes.

    *You can use button mode to ensure accurate and comfortable operation in tough outdoor environments or harsh weather.

    Ample 16-Day Battery Life: For Power When You Need It

    In smartwatch mode, the super-bright AMOLED display can operate for 16 days. By activating the Power Manager function, battery life is extended to 21 days.

    Tech to Help Outdoor Pros Get Out of Their Comfort Zone

    Using multiple satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) and now added multi-band GNSS greatly increases positioning speed and accuracy so you can keep your bearings in the most challenging environments.

    EPIX series watches are equipped with built-in countour maps of Taiwan, guides to the world's most famous ski resorts and over 43,000 golf course maps. You can also download free global maps so that you can always find your way to the next adventure.

    The epix has a full range of functions including sunrise and sunset times, weather conditions, ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer, 3-axis electronic compass), maps, incident detection, emergency contact, and more.

    Satisfy Your All-round Athletic Passion!

    Over 40 built-in sports modes including trail running, mountain biking, open-water swimming, triathlon, rowing, golf, weights training, HIIT and more. Plus support for 43,000 golf courses worldwide.

    Up Ahead

    Set your strategy before the race: Using the Garmin Connect app, you can create a route and mark waypoints. After syncing to your watch, you can quickly preview pre-set checkpoints, water stations, medical stations and other route data so you're always racing towards a new personal best.

    Real-Time Stamina

    The Real-Time Stamina function allows you to understand your current physical strength, maintain your stamina, and adjust your speed and intensity in real time. In long-distance races, it helps athletes know how much effort to deploy at each moment and when to take time to recover. This helps to conserve your energy reserves before the race is finished so you have something left to push you to the finish line.

    Scientific Health Monitoring

    Tracks key health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen, stress, sleep, calories, and Body Battery.
    *Exclusive women's model includes menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking.


    Check with Pulse Ox 1 to gain awareness of how well your body’s oxygen levels are adjusting to the thinner air at higher altitudes.

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    All Day Stress Tracking: Visualize Your Energy and Stress

    The body is like a battery, requiring constant replenishment. By keeping track of your changing energy and stress scores, you know when to rest and recharge, allowing you to face everyday pressures calmly.

    Score Your Sleep For Better Slumber

    Your sleep score helps you improve your sleep quality by tracking each phase of your sleep and analyzing changes in heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, physical movement frequency and respiration rate, as well as transitions between shallow, deep and REM sleep phases.

    Instant Health Reports

    This function gives you a rapid read on your physical condition by activating second-by-second tracking of key health indicators over the course of two minutes, from heart rate and blood oxygen to respiration and stress.

    What is Heart Rate and Sports Science?

    With the Garmin Elevate heart-rate sensing, you can use your heart rate data to elevate your training intensity to a truly effective level.
    Garmin Running Sports Science comprises indicators for your running technique and physical fitness. It delivers a scientific viewpoint on your running performance that helps you to raise your personal training efficiency.

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    Set Your Own Soundtrack with Streaming Music Support

    You can connect to your computer or using wi-fi to sync with music platforms such as Spotify or mymusic. After pairing with your headphones over bluetooth, your favourite playlists are available at the touch of a button.

    You can use the Connect IQ store to customize your watch by downloading free watch faces, widgets, gadgets and third-party applications. The Face It function allows you to make your favourite photos into unique watch faces.

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    Change up your watch strap to match your new suit or new season.

    The QuickFit band can be quickly removed without the need for tools; it comes in leather and silicone, so it can be freely and easily matched with your individual style.


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      Slate steel

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      Sapphire - Black Titanium

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      Sapphire - White Titanium

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